Everything You Need to Know about Custom Orders

Once a month, custom orders open up for Pretty Perfect Style. Click here to jump to the custom design form and get your process started.  

Custom Orders let you become the designer and create a unique piece of jewelry. This process gives you full access to Monica, the designer of Pretty Perfect Style, and gives you the jewelry of your dreams.

Because custom designs can involve a lot of steps from initial design discussions to completed piece/s, custom order pricing begins at $150.00.

Want to know what goes into designing a custom piece of jewelry? See below:

  • Initial design discussion. This can involve lots of communication between you and the designer. Getting the exact beads, gemstones, metals, placing, and preferences can take a lot of communication. Often a video call is needed before the process is over.

  • Bead and Gemstone shopping by Monica. Did you know that every piece of jewelry created for Pretty Perfect Style involves lots of time shopping for specific beads and gemstones? Your custom design more than likely involves components that have to be found online and ordered before anything can be created. Shopping for beads is part of the design process and is a big part of creating a custom piece of jewelry.

  • Design time. For each piece of jewelry created, design time is needed. Along with design time, there is an editing process that you will go through with Monica after the initial design is created. 

  • After designs are approved, the true magic begins and your dream jewelry pieces are created. 

Although custom design jewelry designs start at $150, they can increase depending on what specific beads, gemstones, and metals you request. A wood necklace and a sapphire necklace will vary greatly in cost due. 

You will be informed of the price of your custom design before any work is done, and 50% of that price will be due initially and go towards your custom piece. The remaining is due after the design is complete and before the item is shipped out. 

Now that you know all the initial information about custom orders, Please fill out the custom design form here  and we will contact you when custom orders open up for the month (normally the 3rd week of each month).