3 EASY Ways to Upgrade Your Style in 2020

3 EASY Ways to Upgrade Your Style in 2020

New Year, New You right?

Well, we've heard that saying before but this new year is different. Why? Because it's not only going to be a new year but a new DECADE!  I don't know about you, but that's major to me; and if you ever thought (even for a few minutes) about upgrading your style as a New Year's Resolution, this is the time to do it!


So it's about to be 2020 & you don't want to go into this amazing decade with clothes that don't flatter your figure, a boring wardrobe or a closet that screams "BLAH!" So, here are 3 easy tips you can implement immediately to improve your style for 2020. 

1. Commit to cleaning out your closet.

Statistics say that 61% of women struggle with finding an outfit in the morning. Now, there are lots of reasons this happens: not knowing what looks good on your body type, the struggle of finding items that "go together", forgetting to do laundry on the weekends... These are all valid reasons but one of the biggest reasons women struggle to find an outfit quickly in the morning is that their close is a cluttered and unorganized mess.



We've all been there: clothes in our closet that are too big or too small or items we haven't worn in years... all of these items are taking up valuable closet space! This makes it hard to see what items you do have that are actually in style and currently fit. Cleaning out all of the unnecessary items in your closet will not only make the process of picking out outfits visually less stressful, but you'll probably find some items that were hidden that you forgot you had or haven't even worn yet. I go into more depth about exactly how to purge your closet & what to get rid of & what to keep in my online style course. 

2. Create a capsule wardrobe of 20 pieces that fit your lifestyle, budget, and style.

A capsule wardrobe is a group of classic pieces that you can mix and match together to create endless different outfit options. I always suggest 10 core pieces ( a blazer, button-up shirt, jeans, etc.) and then another 10 non-traditional pieces that are "wild cards" ( ex. leopard print shoes, a unique cardigan you really love, a great fedora hat, etc.). 



Now, this does NOT mean you have to narrow your wardrobe down to 20 items! This just means that you have identified 20 core items in your wardrobe that are versatile "go-to" items in your closet that you know will create figure-flattering automatic outfits you don't even have to think about. The rest of your wardrobe gives you a chance to try out trends, mix and match colors and patterns, and take a walk on the fashion wild side if you so choose. Want to know more about creating a capsule wardrobe? Get more information here. 

3. Fill your mind with style.

What do I mean by this? You know the saying "out of sight, out of mind" right?  Well, it's true for everything including amazing personal style! If you never SEE good style, it won't even be on your radar to dress well. So how do you keep good style around you? Subscribe to a few style blogs, follow a few of your favorite fashionistas on social media and join an awesome FB group for aspiring fashionistas here. 


A few years ago I was determined to start working out consistently, so the first thing I did to keep myself motivated was follow a few personal trainers on social media. That way, every time they posted a workout, before and after pics or gym tips I was reminded of my goal to get in shape. There's days when I don't want to go to the gym and I'm minding my business scrolling on Instagram, and BAM, a workout video from a trainer I follow pops up. It's that much needed mental reminder to get my butt up & go workout. I promise it will help you so just do it! If you are looking for a good magazine for fashion & style I recommend InStyle Magazine (I've been featured twice so I'm just a little bias).  Need some specific style blogs for your body type? I'll direct you to a few I know, just ask in the Facebook Group here. 

These 3 tips are easy, inexpensive and the perfect game-changer for upgrading your style in 2020. So, let's make 2020 your most stylish, confident gaining, smart shopping, money-saving year ever. Are you ready?

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