3 Crazy Trends I've Grown to Love

I often find myself saying, "Wow I love this trend, but I never thought I would wear this." Biker shorts, clear shoes & fanny packs are all things I said were not for me, but currently I own all three! As they say, Never say Never because fashion has a way of pulling you in even when you think you are above or to sophisticated to fall for the trend trap. 

One of my favorite trends right now are biker shorts. Can we say comfortable and inexpensive! They are the perfect summer trend and here's how I wore my leopard print pair (that were by the way only $6). 

There's a few different ways to wear biker shorts, I wore mine with heels but there's also a few ways to wear them with flats or even a blazer. 

Although I've learned to never say never, the key to adopting trends is smart shopping (so you don't waste a lot of money), and styling (because all trends can be worn well or horribly, depending on how you style them.) Need help shopping for a trend or specific look for your next event? Visit the Personal Lookbook page to get started HERE.