Loyalty Rewards

Who is eligible for Loyalty rewards?

Every customer — including guests — can earn points, redeem rewards, refer friends, and participate in your VIP incentives.


Can I get loyalty points for previous purchases?

Unfortunately, loyalty points aren’t retroactive. Loyalty points start as of 2/8/2023


How does the point system work?

100 points = $1

$500 = $10 coupon


How can I earn points?

You can earn points by:

Making purchases from Pretty Perfect Style

Registering your birthday

Following on Instagram and

Referring friends


How do I access my rewards?

You can always access the rewards panel at any time in your shopping journey! The pink “rewards” button will pop up on the Pretty Perfect Style website on any computer or mobile device. Look in the right-hand corner for the button. If you ever have issues locating it, please reach out to monica@prettyperfectstyle.com.