If Kim Kardashian can be a fashion Icon you can too!

If Kim Kardashian can be a fashion Icon you can too!

Kim K the fashion icon?

We’re you as shocked as I was when Kim Kardashian landed on the cover of Vogue for the first time in 2014? Like her or not, you can’t deny that landing the cover of the largest & most legendary fashion magazine was a huge accomplishment.

So, how did she do it?

Some think she paid her way into the cover (interesting theory but with all the rich ppl in the world if money landed her the cover there would be a lot more random ppl on the cover as well right?).

Some think it was strictly based on popularity (keep in mind that sister Khloe is early just as popular and hasn't graced the cover yet).
All kinds of theories are possible but here’s mine- Kim Kardashian started off just like a lot of women regarding style: wearing every trend known to man, not knowing what exactly to wear for her body type & gradually morphed into a fashion “icon”.

So how did she do this? The answer is simple...SHE HAD HELP! Her money, fashion connections & the influences around her guided her style & helped her upgrade her style. She listened & as a result a few years later she ended up on the cover of Vogue as one of the newest fashion icons.

The key to Kim's look & wardrobe upgrade was the help she received from her stylist (Monica Rose) & fashion focused family & husband. She told CNN Style that she’s “mortified” when she looks back at old photos of herself before she started getting fashion tips from fashion designer husband Kanye West.

So what if I told you that you have access to the same thing Kim does? You have a stylist that will lay out exact outfits for you & pretty much tell you what to wear & hello, I here waiting right to help you. Not only do you have access to my years of styling & fashion expertise but you also have it from the comfort of your home for about $5000 less 😊.

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So you started reading this blog about Kim Kardashian's epic style transformation & now you found out you can dress just as well (or better) than her. Who knows, maybe you’ll be on the cover of Vogue one day?

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