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Pretty Perfect Style

Autumn Sunbeam Opal One of a Kind Necklace

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This one-of-a-kind necklace is the perfect way to show your sunshine on a chilly autumn day! A beautiful blend of yellow, gold, and tan, it's like the sunbeams of autumn captured and dangling around your neck. Get a pop of color with the Autumn Sunbeam Opal Necklace, 'cause that's just how cozy fall should be!

What makes opals truly exceptional is their scarcity. Their extraordinary beauty and rarity have made them highly sought after by collectors, jewelry enthusiasts, and gemstone connoisseurs. Their rarity, combined with their mesmerizing play-of-color, makes opals truly one of nature's most precious and magnificent creations.

Product details:

  • Gemstones- Yellow Mustard Opal beads 4mm
  • 16.5 Inches with a 2 inch extender chain  
  • Gold Plated Lobster clasp closure 


All jewelry is made in Charlotte, North Carolina by hand. Local women handle each piece of jewelry from the design process to all the way to shipping. 

Interest-free payment plans are available at checkout.  Please see our shipping & return policy here

Handmade Details

Each piece of jewelry is handmade with genuine stones, metals, and bead findings. Because most of the bracelet components are not mass-produced, color and patterns may differ slightly since they are not man-made products. At Pretty Perfect Style, we do the best job possible at making sure the picture reflects each one-of-a-kind bracelet. If you have any questions about your jewelry, please ask ( before purchasing.  

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    I put my heart & soul into every design, so your style & confidence can shine

    – Monica, Designer at Pretty Perfect Style